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Acceptable Use Policies

Appropriate use of the Internet by teachers and students is a concern of many educators. In conjunction with a technology plan, school and district planners frequently develop an acceptable use policy (AUP), which addresses how students, staff, and community members use the Internet. There are many web and gopher sites that list examples of acceptable use policies. Here are a few selected acceptable use policies, articles, publications, and online links.

Sample Acceptable Use Policies from Northwest Schools

The Eugene (OR) Public School District has developed a comprehensive site with guidelines for appropriate use, user application forms, student safety resources and technology resources at the district. Included amongst these resources is a pamphlet on keeping kids safe while they surf the Internet, Child Safety on the Information Highway.

Links to Online Resources

Creating Board Policies for Student Use of the Internet. AUPs help to define acceptable behaviors by student and staff users of information systems, while Board policies take the matter much further tying those standards to the district's policies on student rights and responsibilities and a student's rights to privacy of freedom of speech. This article first appeared in From Now On, The Educational Technology Journal (vol.5, no. 7, May 1995).