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Focus On Effectiveness

photo of student with digital camera

Integrating Technologies

The world is rapidly changing, and nowhere is this more true than in the case of technology. Technology brings rich resources, new tools, and powerful learning environments to the learning process. Technology will also be a part of students' life after they graduate. This section introduces technologies—both familiar and emerging—that are revolutionizing the way students learn.


Handheld computers fit in the palm of the hand and have the power of a small laptop. The lower cost of handhelds is increasing access to computing capabilities.


Computers, monitors, and peripherals as well as digital cameras, videoconferencing equipment and other tools can provide opportunities for new instructional strategies.


From commonly used productivity tools to the most complex and specialized applications, software is the key to making computer hardware useful.

Web Environments

Web environments take on different forms, and allow a group of people to interact and communicate about common interests without boundaries of geography or time.

Web as Resource

The World Wide Web offers a wealth of resources for teaching and learning, from primary source documents and images to interactive tools, simulations, and online video.