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Five Areas of Children's Development

Physical Well-Being and (Gross and Fine) Motor Development

A child's health is connected to preparedness for school and performance in school. Optimal motor development is essential, from the large/gross motor movements that occur on the playground to the small/fine motor work required for holding a crayon or putting together puzzles.

Social and Emotional Development

Relationships give meaning to school experiences. Stable interactions in children's early lives provide a sense of well-being that enables children to participate positively in classroom activities. Emotional support and secure relationships help children acquire such characteristics as self-confidence and the ability to function as a member of a group.

Approaches Toward Learning

A child can be successful in school in many ways, and these approaches vary within and between cultures. By understanding the various styles that involve children in learning, adults can encourage and increase a child's engagement. Curiosity, creativity, independence, cooperation, and persistence are some of the approaches that enhance early learning and development.

Language Development

Language empowers children to participate in both the cognitive and affective parts of the educational program. Experience with written and oral language provides children with the tools to interact with others, and to represent their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Communicating effectively with adults and other children and having experiences with diverse forms of language are basic parts of this dimension.

Cognition and General Knowledge

Children need opportunities to interact with people and materials in their environment, and to learn from their surroundings. Experiences in learning settings with skilled and appropriate adult interaction allow children to construct knowledge of patterns and relations, cause and effect, and ways of solving problems in everyday life.

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