defining objectives

Characteristics of objectives:

Objective Development:

Some goals will look a lot like objectives, and some objectives will seem like goals. Don't worry about the distinction because you will revisit them all often. Write goals and objectives that make sense for

Working from the school and/or district vision and goals, (look in your Technology Plan for some general statements) write objectives that follow the overall intention for the use of educational technology.


"The first important thing about educational technology is to replace it with learning technology. The shift from a technology of teaching to a technology of learning is an important trend we should encourage. We should think of the computer as what you make something out of, or as a medium that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and access what other people have expressed."

  -- Seymour Papert, Education Theorist, and Professor of Computer Science at MIT

The same is true for the educational use of videoconferencing for teaching and learning…it must become a learning technology.

Here is a list of possible OBJECTIVES that you can tailor to your own needs by adding a timeline, who will be responsible for the implementation, and benchmarks of accomplishment:

General Objectives:

Staff Development Meeting

Staff Development:

If the Goal is to implement a comprehensive school/district training program,

The Objectives might be to:

IF the Goal is related to curriculum development,

The Objectives might be to:

IF the Goal is related to hiring and evaluation procedures… to promote the effective uses of technology as a criterion in hiring/evaluation,

The Objectives might be to:

Student Objectives:

Education Professionals Enhancing Productivity

Teacher Objectives:

Objectives can also describe actions to be taken in regard to

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