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Assessing Technology Integration

The following tools are intended to assist school and district personnel in conceptualizing and assessing the integration of technology in the curriculum.

Overview of Technology Integration

This is an eight-page introduction to technology integration in the curriculum, based on the research and experience in the field. It includes a definition of the concept and identification of the components of support necessary for effective technology integration to occur. For each component area, data items and indicators needed to assess the degree or level of the occurrence of integration are provided. It provides the conceptual base for using OPTIC described below.

Observation Protocol for Technology Integration in the Classroom (OPTIC)

This protocol is designed to assist school principals or others in assessing the degree of technology integration occurring in classrooms and schools. The protocol provides a framework for classroom observation to collect some of the information contributing to that assessment. A rubric format is used in part of the protocol. A modified format for the rubric page recommended by some field test participants is also made available here.